Invisible Woman

Went to a club the other night and no one spoke to other than to say, "excuse me" and "are you winning?" (I was playing pool.) I was all dressed up, hair done, makeup done.

Today in class, the instructor asked who was presenting next class. I didn't say anything, just to see what people would say. No one knew, including the instructor. Well, actually I knew. I am presenting next class.

I LOVE when I'm paying $1,000 a class and no one, including the teacher, has printed out a syllabus to see what's going on next class. Really warms my heart.


Don said…
Hello, I was contacting you about a story you did some time ago.

The last days of St. Paul's

Trip for last-minute pix of St. Paul's turns into something extraordinary

By Gloria Diaz
Fort Wayne Reader

I was wondering if you would send me the pitchers you took. I would be willing to pay for them. I’m interested in Indiana history and would be grateful for anything you might have in regards to this church.

Sorry for contacting you through the blog I did not knwo another way.

Thanks, Don Coy

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