I’ve only gotten out of bed a few times today—to get something to eat and to go to the bathroom. It’s rare that I have one of these “do nothing” days. But I guess I haven’t actually done nothing. I’ve written and posted something on a writing/social networking site and chatted online with someone who reads my column. But I was hit with fatigue last night, probably from my period. I also put in more than eight hours at my job yesterday, with my lunch break coming at the end of the eight hours. It’s complicated, but the way my job works, sometimes it’s absolutely impossible to clock out midday for lunch. And depending on the day’s schedule, calling a customer to say I’ll be out to his or her house right after I’ve finished lunch is a recipe for disaster, especially if the customer is waiting anxiously for his or her stuff.

Anyway, because I just didn’t want to get out of bed today, I’ve missed a friend’s birthday party. I’ll have to call and apologize, for not showing up, but on the other hand, I did have less than a week’s notice of the event. Robert called about quarter to six. We usually get together on Sunday nights, but tonight he picked up an extra shift, so I’ll probably force myself out of bed to have a late supper, then go back to bed and surf the ‘Net some more. I bought a 50-foot phone cord so I can now surf from my bed, and if that doesn’t turn me into a total bed potato, nothing will.

However, as I looked into the refrigerator tonight, I felt my bottom up near my back, and it feels firmer. That working out I’ve been doing must be paying off.


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