Talking Heads

I was forced to listen to talk radio today. If this continues to happen, I may end up buying an iPod or an MP3 player sooner rather than later. I disliked WOWO when it went to an all talk format. I resented WGL for switching to all talk and cancelling my dad's radio show. I started to hate talk radio when my mom called Dave Macy and he made fun of her for driving a Neon. Today, I had to listen to an assortment of talking heads talk, talk, talk, with no solutions offered. My co-worker griped that it seemed that the media had nothing but liberals in it.
Except for Fox News, I responded, without even thinking about it.
That shut him up.
I forgot to also say and Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter, and Michelle Malkin and Cal Thomas and Thomas Sowell and John Stossel. These last two consider themselves Libertarian, but Libertarians are Republicans with a bit of intelligence and more exciting sex lives.
So the next time someone says the media is nothing but liberals, feel free to rattle off the list of names in the previous paragraph.
Of course, I could be fair and list an equal amount of names of liberal writers and organizations, but why would I do that?


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