Garage Sale

My neighborhood association will be having a garage sale this coming Friday and Saturday. I will be putting some stuff out. I am gathering it together right now, and I plan to have a couple of small bookcases, a couple blankets, some electrical outlets, a corner baker's rack, a small table, an analog television set, a plastic wicker chair, two bureaus, winter gloves and mittens, and a walker. I will probably have lots of other stuff, like knickknacks, some books, some board games and possibly some of my mother's winter coats and clothing. A couple of friends are going in on the sale with me, and I don't know what they will be bringing. I know some gardening tools will show up at the sale. If you would like to know details, email me at Oh, I'll have some cassettes of big band and jazz, some albums and possibly some CDs as well. Also, possibly a loveseat and a hutch-type thing that would be suitable for storing china or whatever.


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