Ate at KFC, but even though it went down well, it hasn't set well.


Greg said…
Oh yeah. I actually dreamt about KFC the other night. The food is total garbage, but they have a sneaky way of drawing you back in. It's like the mafia -- you can never truly leave. I wonder if the portions in the US are just as small (and crappy) as in Canada. It's too late now, but I might venture out and get some tomorrow. Nothing tastes better than fried skin, fat and bones.
Gloria said…
Don't know if they have them in Canada, but here in the United Fat Asses of America, KFC has buffets, so for around $8 USD you can fill up on as much fried skin, fat, bones, biscuits, gravy, mashed potatoes and other assorted delights as you want. On the regular meals that you order, the portions seem decently-sized, but of course, it's been months since I had one of those. Why go for a meal when you can go for the trough!???

Actually, the second to last time I ate there, I got diarrhea too.

I've been cutting back on the junk food since Saturday. That morning I woke up with a racing pulse. I went to RediMed, and they did an EKG, but they couldn't find anything. But the physician's assistant said I might want to cut back on the caffeine, so I have. I can't remember the last time I had some of my beloved Coke Zero. It's hard for me to eat junk food and wash it down with water, so if I don't lose some weight from this, I'll be a bit pissed off.

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