The Rich Have It Bad

Oh my God. I just saw that executives from seven companies bailed out by the government are going to get their pay cut. I'm really, really concerned. How are those executives that are used to making millions of dollars a year going to survive on maybe $100,000 a year, if that?

It's horrible. Just horrible.

It must be horrible to be a rich person here in America. Having to get used to a cramped eight bedroom house, instead of the thirty room mansion. Downscaling to a Cadillac when that Bentley was just so sweet. Learning to cook because it costs so much to have a full-time, live-in cook.

If you are as concerned as I am about this travesty, please help now! Donate whatever you can to "Elevating the Elite." I've decided to start this charity (although the people I plan to help prefer to look at it as a "consulting group". Please help these people reach the level of living they are used to having. Believe me, you have no idea how much of a shock downsizing can be. The rich are people too, you know.

Elevating the Elite
P. O. Box 10864
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46854-0864.

Your donation is not tax deductible, but I'm sure this sacrifice is a small one to bear. These people have serious adjustments to make; going from $10 million plus a year to perhaps $100,000 a year. As these hard workers struggle to get by on six figures, you can make their lives a little easier. God bless you.


Greg said…
You, Gloria, are a true American hero! Charities for poor people are a waste of time. The poor have always been poor; it's not like they have ever known any other sort of existence. The rich on the other hand...!

Your post reminds me of a story that's developing in Montreal. Essentially, some guy is on trial for starting a Madoff-esque ponzi scheme. His brother and wife are (supposedly) amongst the many victims who lost investments in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have a feeling that their investments are secure (since they related to the alleged fraudster), but they are nonetheless portraying themselves as victims to garner sympathy from the public. Anyhoo, the aforementioned sister-in-law was quoted as saying something akin to: "We are now reduced to shopping at Wal-mart . . . and buying stuff that we don't necessarily like."

Oh, the humanity!

I'll shoot you an e-mail soon... promise!
Gloria said…
Reduced to shopping at Wal-mart??? OH, the HUMANITY!!!!!!

I don't shop at Wal-mart because I think they suck. The ONLY reason I've been going in there this year is because Robert's dad and stepmom sent me a gift card for Christmas. I guess I really should have donated it to charity (I kinda wrestled with that thought) but decided, what the hell, it IS a gift. The last purchase I made there was a Matchbox car which I will use in one of my videos.

But yeah, getting back to my post, there are poor people here who think the rich are having such a rough time of it. It's unbelievable. Oh, did I tell you about my co-worker who is totally against socialized health care because it will destroy this country, but his girlfriend is pregnant and all of her medical expenses are covered by MEDICAID (the health program that covers poor people)? I want to punch this guy. He is such a hypocrite. He claims the majority of everyone who lives in countries that have socialized medicine would give it up in a second to have the American "system". I know NO system is perfect, but our system of no sympathy, and making it nearly impossible to buy insurance if you have a pre-existing condition or because of the high cost of coverage is one of the worst, if not the WORST thing about the U.S. My opinions go against the grain down here, which is why I would love to leave, if I could only afford it. You'd better write soon!!! I'm surrounded by idiots (at work, mostly).

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