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This was posted on shortly after one of my trips to Canada. Enjoy! Ways Canada is like the U.S. Ways Canada is NOT Like the U.S. Lots of fat Caucasians Has health coverage for all citizens Immigrants Lots of Tim Horton outlets Lots of square footage People friendly and polite Lots of restaurants If you bump into someone, THEY Has Wal-mart will say, "excuse me." Lots of discount stores/dollar stores Has "The Beer Store" SUVs Calls the restroom the "washroom" Speaks English (for the most Has French as official language too part) Queen Elizabeth on almost every damn unit of currency Canadians drive over the speed Low murder rate limit Has a lottery Headlines I didn't see in Canada: Canadian Soccer Riot Kills Thousands Martin: We Should Have followed U.S. Into Iraq 'Screw the NHL!' Say Canadian Citizens; Nation Embraces Water Polo Thousands Flock To Toronto In Search of Cheap Real Estate Fed Up With 'Polite' Image, Canadians Refraining From Saying "I'm Sorry" When Bumped Into Tim Hortons Files For Bankruptcy Universal Health Care 'Just Not Worth It' Say Majority of Citizens Treasury Ponders Introducing $3, $4 and $5 Coins Into Circulation; Canadians Rejoice At Prospect of "Threenies, Fournies and Fivenies" Kevin Hearn Busted For Cocaine


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