Sorry I Haven't Written More ...

I realize I don't post as often as I should. I guess I figured no one was reading this. I looked at my stats and was amazed I had over 120 page views last month. Google can break down the views per post, and I'm like, "hmmmm...." So I'll try to write more. One thing that happened at work today was incredibly annoying. Corporate America is one of the most wasteful entities that's out there. They will throw stuff away at the drop of a hat. Most likely, the vendor will issue a credit. Today was a little different. Someone brought in a paint can. The customer wanted more paint and brought in the can so we could see exactly what we needed to make the same color. We made the paint, and gave the customer her old can back. She asked if we could throw it away for her. I opened it up to see that there was a inch of paint left in the can. I asked both managers if I could have it. No. I offered to buy it. No. One manager tried to explain to me that since the customer hadn't returned it, it didn't belong to the store. It still belonged to the customer, even though she told me to throw it away. The manager said since it wasn't his to sell, he couldn't sell it to me, and he couldn't give it to me. So perfectly good paint went to waste because of a corporate decision. I can't begin to tell you what gets thrown away. I saw a two-sink vanity pitched, because there was a small flaw in the wood. If you painted over it, you wouldn't know it was there. All those magazines you see? When they are old, the magazine vendor collects them and throws them away. They won't even donate them, because trashing a magazine is worse than giving it to a nursing home or hospital, because God forbid someone cancel their subscription because they can get Martha Stewart Living for free at Shady Pines Nursing Home the last week of the month. It's no wonder we had a 12-year-old kid looking around in our dumpster at the urging of his dad. You could make some good cash reselling the stuff you find. I had three people as my witnesses as I pointed out the pastel pink can of paint I dropped into the trash can. Wouldn't want to make anyone suspicious...


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