Long Live "The Office"

Through a quirk of fate, I was able to watch the series finale of "The Office," and also watch some of the retrospective. I've seen seasons 1-5, but didn't get a chance to watch 6-9. I'll watch them eventually, but I was not disappointed with what I saw last night.

Andy Bernard had a great line: "I wish there was some way to know that you're in the good old days before you leave them."  I cried when he said that. Because it's so true. I think we've all felt that way. 

And when Steve Carell pops in to be Dwight's bestest mensch, that 
was a tear-jerker moment as well.

I can understand Pam's not wanting to watch all of the documentary. She grew a lot in that period, but realized she didn't want to watch how long it took her to go after what she wanted. Jim and Pam's romance was heartbreaking to watch sometimes, but it will go down in television history as being one of the greatest love stories ever on the small screen.

There were more touching moments than funny moments in the finale. Some my criticize that, but I thought the show ended on the right note.

And the show made me want to work in a place like "The Office." Okay, so it was fiction, but still, I'd like to have that kind of environment.

And that's what she said.


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