Eating a Low Fiber Diet

It's sort of weird that I'm being encouraged to eat a low-fiber diet--but it's just temporary thing. I've just had surgery (again) and in order to give my colon a rest, I'm supposed to avoid fresh fruit and veggies. I'm not supposed to eat fruit with skin on it. And the last time I went to the grocery store, they had bags and bags of bing cherries in. I LOVE bing cherries. But I passed them by.

I just finished a snack of five small sausages and some pulpless orange juice. Prior to that, I had a bowel movement which came out pretty liquidy. What did I have to eat that made that happen? Three slices of pizza, two slices of cheese garlic bread, and some soda. I normally have that kind of bowel movement after tons of fruit and veggies. So go figure. I also threw up early this afternoon. I'm hoping it's the sleep medication clashing with the toast. But it's a bit alarming.

I decided that after this surgery, I would truly, honestly try and eat better. Either go vegetarian, or damn near close. I don't enjoy being fat. And eating a bad diet is expensive, when you pay the price with polyp removal. But being encouraged to eat low-fiber is probably one of those things I'm going to try and enjoy. It is weird though, being told I can't eat raw fruits and veggies automatically makes me want them more. I'm only two weeks away from some bing cherries. Yum.


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