Touchy, Touchy!

Every so often, I encounter people who fly off the handle when I point something out to them. It happened in 2005, and it just happened again.

My former computer guy was on the news recently, saying he's moving out of the south side because the crime is so bad. I don't think the entire south side is bad, just certain pockets. I said perhaps he was protesting too much, and he went bananas. I wrote another response, and asked him if he'd checked out the neighborhood and the potential neighbors before moving in. He called me a piece of garbage and hoped I got robbed and said the reason I never had kids was because I had bad hair. He compared it to Medusa. I wish I could have said that was original, but he was about 35 years too late with that insult. No "yes, I checked out the neighborhood", or "no, I didn't." By his response, I think it's safe to say he didn't check out the neighborhood.

I don't know what he paid for rent, but I'm thinking if he really wanted cheap rent, he was in the right neighborhood. The south side gets a bad rap. I don't think all the neighborhoods on the south side of town are bad, but there are certain places there where I would not want to live, just as there are places on the north side where I would not want to live.

I know three people who bought property on the south side. Two have been burglarized. None of them ran screaming from their homes. But I'm thinking the reason they bought on the south side was affordability. Fort Wayne is one of the few towns where if you are single, it's possible to purchase a home. And if you want an affordable home, the south side is the place to be, unless you can luck into a fixer-upper somewhere else.

There's a price to be paid for everything in life. If you have a dirt cheap rent or mortgage, is it worth the cost? If you like to be outdoors during the summer, is it worth it to have a low rent/mortgage knowing it's too dangerous to open the windows, or go for walks? If you like to have a nicely landscaped lot, but won't do it because it will be vandalized, it it worth it? Is low rent worth being burglarized? Unfortunately, some people have no choice.

In a perfect world, we would live where we want to live, and it would be affordable. I think my computer guy rented where he did because he was looking at price only. Or maybe I'm wrong. He's rented for years. Why he would throw money away like that when he could well afford to buy a place and build equity, I don't know. I hope wherever he ends up he's happy.

But I wonder about him. His vicious tone in his responses was a little unsettling. The last person who blew up at me like that continually made fun of me on her blog until she got tired of it. She ended up in a mental hospital, and eventually started calling me, asking for forgiveness and wanting to be friends with me again. I never returned her calls.

This guy posted as part of his response to never call him again to fix my $%^& computer. I wasn't going to anyway, as I've had issues with the computer since the last time he touched it. At first, I thought the repair service was great, but realized it wasn't quite what it was cracked up to be. But it's my own fault. He has really good prices, and I didn't realize there would be an additional price to pay. Caveat emptor.


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