Tee Arr Eff 2013!!

Just in case you didn't know.

As seen in the handicapped Porta Potty across from Food Alley. It's the one furthest to the east, northwest from Club Soda across the parking lot.

I didn't paint this, but if I had, I'd have put an accent mark on the I.

Sticky stuff they put on Headwaters Park wall so you won't sit there.
What has two thumbs and dislikes Vera Bradley merchandise? This girl!

For me, this year's OMG fried delicacy was the deep fried Bun bar. It really WAS good, but without going into too much detail, I really can't eat this stuff anymore and expect to have clean undies after a half hour or so.

The Spastic Air Dancers may seem frightening, but they are harmless. Here they are dancing with joy upon seeing such a glorious moon.
A little abstract art, courtesy of a midway ride.

The bridge people complain about because at times it displays a rainbow, which means gay people (but not leprechauns. Why?). I've seen this bridge sport red and white colors (obviously Canadian) and red and yellow (obviously Spanish). Why aren't people freaking out about THAT? This is the Martin Luther King bridge, which I think is a nice addition to downtown, which I think is lacking in unique architecture (although I think the Lincoln Tower is cool and I like the job they did on the library.

People bitched for decades about this sculpture, then a drunk driver runs into it. Who knew the solution was so simple?!

The moon? No, just a snap of one of those lights embedded in the pavement in front of the art museum.

The real moon.


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