Tee Arr Eff Fashion Parade! (The Mostly Shoes Edition)

I didn't take as many pictures of people this year as I did last year. Not sure why. I went downtown three times, and mostly during the evening, when it was just a tad bit cooler, and presumably the first shifters had changed clothes to come down and party. The last night of the festival was a wonderful night. I saw six people I knew, the weather had cooled off, and a lot of the city came out in full force. I think there might have been an accident, because it seemed like a bunch of people rushed over to Clinton Street. Then, I saw a couple of cops talking to a guy, and they said it was starting to get rowdy so they might want to think about leaving. I love bright, colorful lights and people watching and I was considering going back to Food Alley for one last time, but I've spent way too much money over the past few days, so I didn't.

This year was a bit different in the sense that someone asked me to take their picture, and I saw one dude who was the best dressed of any guy there, so I asked to take his picture. See, I can get away with that, because I look harmless. Enjoy this year's photos!

These aren't super high, but why do women insist on wearing heels of ANY height to TRF, especially when they are walking around in the grass of Headwaters Park? I stumbled TWICE this week, and I was on pavement!

The first of several neon shoes. Neon is big this year.

If these were any louder, they'd be a boom box.

I've got my spine, I've got my orange shoes...

Pink Keds are so feminine and basic.

These are Wedgies, so they offer a little more secure footing, but still.

These are the ladies who requested I take their picture. I got the email for one of them, because what's the point of asking a complete stranger to take your picture if you aren't going to get a copy of it?

Booties in 85 degree weather, and checkered high tops? Two words: sweaty ankles.

Who's cooler than cool? This guy. I saw his outfit and asked to take his picture. Guys take note: It's not necessary to wear pink shirts with tags on them, but of the hundreds of guys I saw at the festival, THIS guy obviously gave a shit about his outfit. Every woman IS crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man!

 Land of the free, home of the guns.

Almost stiletto heels in the grass. She's brave.

Gladiator sandals have made a comeback.

Not as loud as the earlier pair, but they still stand out.

I wonder if these are the same girls who wore matching outfits last year?

Or maybe it was these two girls? Who knows?


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