Trying Another Editing Program

For a while, I've worked with Microsoft Movie Maker, a free program I downloaded. It's a very basic program. But I don't think it's the most user friendly. However, it's a free program, so what do I expect?

I wanted to do a little more than what Movie Maker is capable of. So I stopped by Best Buy to see if there were any specials. The store hardly carries software anymore, but found out that Sony Movie Studio was on sale for $39.99. So I bought it. I just uploaded my video, which you can see here:

I just had a one minute clip and added some text at the end, so it's still a basic video. But I'm going to experiment with clips to see what I can do. The thing with buying software these days is that they don't include instruction manuals. That is, PAPER instruction manuals. You can click on the help thing on the toolbar, but it will probably take you online so you can ask your question in the forums. And that sucks. You end up with some snarky know-it-all making you feel like an idiot.

So we'll see. Hopefully this will lead to more videos soon.


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