Don't Hate Me, Just 'Cause You're Pasty...

Three people in the last two weeks have remarked about how tan I am. The funny thing is, I haven't laid out in the sun all summer, because it was just so cold and rainy. When it finally warmed up, the hot days happened when I had other plans, and by then, the pools were closed. If I lay out, it's usually by a pool. When I finally get too uncomfortable, I jump into the pool. I didn't go swimming once this summer. It was just too damn cold.

I don't think I'm super-dark, but I swear, I get darker if a flashbulb goes off. The "tan" I've got going is just from doing regular stuff I need to do by getting out of the house. But it's funny, people are envious and I'm just like, "I'm half Puerto Rican. I will never NOT be tan in the summer."

These are the legs that made one of my friends say, "I hate you."

And I have to shake my head when I see people who are seriously pale. They look strange to me.

My "EZ-Tan" skin and the jealousy make up for the time in elementary school when some boy called me a "nigger." Haters gonna hate...


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