Restricted Area Means Just That ...

I'm sorry this guy died, but I have to question his motives. Is a cell phone THAT important? And if it were that important, why didn't he secure it properly? I've ridden this coaster several times, and before getting on the train, everything I care about is securely buttoned into several pockets in my cargo shorts, or if an item is too big, I rent a locker.

If this guy went to retrieve an iPhone, then it really is tragic. We had those at work, and because I hate Apple (AND the phones sucked) I chose an android phone. No regrets.

Still, sucks for this guy's family. I feel bad, but no possession is worth dying for. And if you can't live without your smartphone until the end of the day (when it was fairly certain he could have notified ride operators he lost his phone, and probably would have gotten it back) then society really is going to hell.


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