A Creepy Feeling

The other day I was doing some cleaning. I dusted off the piano and picked up the urn that my mother’s ashes were in. For some reason, I didn’t think the ashes were in there. I was examining the urn, discovering the top had been sealed on. Of course, in sitcoms and movies, the urns AREN’T sealed, causing some gross, but hilarious moments. Well, anyway, I didn’t expect the ashes to be in the urn, and I turned it upside down. The ashes that I didn’t think were in there suddenly let loose from the bottom, since they hadn’t been disturbed in probably four years. They fell in what seemed like a big lump against the top of the urn, and it gave me the creepiest feeling ever.
Shortly after that, I had nightmares that my mom was dying again. Sorry mom, for disturbing your peace. Or pieces, as it were.


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