I turned on the television today and saw John McGauley saying that perhaps the rest of the condo project at Harrison Square should be scrapped and perhaps an Imax theater built instead.

Hmmm… seems to me I heard about some woman running for city council last year who had some interesting ideas for downtown, one of which was an Imax theater, and perhaps unique retail, such as stores that don’t currently exist in Fort Wayne, like Crate and Barrel, Ikea, and Dave and Buster’s.

Oh wait. That woman was me.

Despite one of my critics dismissing me as a “foul-mouthed lunatic” (at first I was angry, but then I was flattered, I am who I am, after all) I’m glad that a local person, AND a Republican, realized that building overpriced condos in a city known for cheap real estate, was a mistake. I couldn’t foresee the collapse of the housing market, and I’m not really smart when it comes to money, but even I know in a city where you can get an actual house with a front and back yard for less than $100,000, why would you spend way more than that to live in what amounts to an apartment in downtown Fort Wayne? Especially when there’s nothing down there. Years ago, in the 1950s, there was stuff downtown, and a reason to go there, but that was before shopping malls took business away.

It makes me feel good that one of my ideas got on the air.


Robert Enders said…
The real problem with downtown is that every 4 to 12 years you have a new set of people trying to fix it. They might come up with idea like a new arena or a shopping center. They may or may not be good ideas. But when someone comes along with their own money and their own ideas, the last thing that person wants is to have the "vision" of the mayor or the city council to displace his place of business. When you set up a business, you are building for the long term, not just until the next election cycle.

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