My Opinons on Octomom and British Boy Daddy

A co-worker asked me if I ever wrote a column on pet peeves. I complain about lots of stuff, but maybe it’s time to do a round up of stuff that ticks me off. Because I can’t wait, I’m going to comment on Octomom and the 13-year-old British father.
First off, I know times are hard, but why do people insist on having kids when they can’t afford them? Do people plan for kids anymore? Or is it just go ahead and have kids anyway?
Frankly, the whole idea of having kids scares the hell out of me. Looking at my history, I probably shouldn’t have kids. Health problems, ongoing financial crisis, crappy, low-paying jobs. Where’s my big, fat “thank you” from the U.S. Government or the state of Indiana saying, “thank you Gloria, for not having any kids you can’t afford?” Hell, where’s my thank you from ANYONE? Instead, I’m left out of the conversation when co-workers talk about the wacky, and downright dangerous things their kids do. I try to keep the smile off my face when they go on about near accidents with stoves, cars, knives, etc.
So here’s the chick out in California (figures) who has six kids, but decided that wasn’t enough. Now, she’s a mom of 14 and is already on food stamps. According to some quotes from her via the New York Post, she will be able to support her kids after she completes her masters in counseling. Yup, and I thought I’d make lots of money once I got my commercial driver’s license, so I’d be able to pay off all my bills and then be able to save enough to move to Canada. We all have our little delusions. Whether it’s wanting to write the Great American Novel by the time you’re 30, or wanting to become middle class, we all want something.
And this chick wants kids. Never mind she has a bad back and is prone to depression. She gets disability, and all is right with the world. Meanwhile, there are thousands of couples who are working, sane, and would make great parents, yet can’t conceive. Instead, they wait to adopt babies, placing ads in hopes some unwed pregnant chick picks them to be the parents. Anyone can have kids in this country, which is why you end up with idiots like Octomom.
Then, there’s the 13-year-old British kid who just had a baby with his 15-year-old girlfriend. This is stupidity beyond belief. When asked what he was going to do about the financial side of things, the kid didn’t know what “financial” meant. Oh well. At least they’ll be on the British welfare rolls, and not ours.
Yes, children are a gift from God. Even if the people who are “gifted” rely on high technology to conceive, or are just too damned dumb to know any better. I think we can all agree the Octomom’s kids and the British baby born to a kid whose voice hasn’t changed yet aren’t going to change the world for the better. They’ll be thugs, unwed mothers, or perhaps, due to the state of the world, celebrity do-nothings.


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