Clean Pipes Are a Beautiful Thing

My plumbing problem of the last couple weeks was solved today. Turns out it was beyond the efforts of Robert and myself. Despite using an auger several times, and drain opener and plunging the toilet, a professional came out with a huge, powered auger and cleaned out the line in front of the house.

I've also done a little bit of cleaning. I'm sure that my brother is appalled at the condition of the house, but at least I got him to take some stuff with him. And we did get the front closet cleaned out.

Looking forward to my next day off.


Greg said…
Yeah, I rented a 50-foot snake (or was it 75? I can't remember) from Home Depot. Cable must have been close to an inch thick. I hurt my back getting the damn thing in the car. Everything I pulled out from the main line to the municipal sewer smelled like death.
Gloria said…
Well, the problem with the line was roots. I hadn't had Roto Rooter out to the house for over a year, so they were due to come out.

I like to think I can rely on myself for things, but some things, you pull out the checkbook, bite your lip, and start writing.

Death doesn't smell good.
Greg said…
Same here; the roots are insane. I've heard that there's some sort of liquid root killer that you can apply into the main line once a year as a preventative measure. I looked around, but couldn't find anything like that up here in Canuckland.

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