The Joys of Publishing

I was at the library today and the woman checking out my books said she liked my column. I can't remember the last time I got recognized for my column, but it was nice.

Also, I wrote a story about Retroactive closing its doors. I pleaded to leave the opening the way it was. It included a profanity, but I felt it was very necessary to the story, and not just gratuitous cursing.

The story should be up at The name of the article is "Rose Hille is sick of the ...


admin said…
Yeah, I keep forgetting to tell you that your column is excellent. I envy your talent!
admin said…
Sigh . . . I have no idea how this blogger thing works. The above comment was from me, Greg.
Gloria said…
Hi Greg!

Thanks for the comment. I was a little puzzled to see "admin" as the author, because who would that be? Me, I guess, except I show up as "Gloria."

Blogger can be a little confusing. Sorry.

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