More Randomness

I would like to collect all my columns in a book and self-publish it. Anyone out there interested in seeing this become a reality?

I would like to blog about work, but I feel like I can't. I may write about it, just not publicly.

I sometimes wake up in the morning, and tell myself I can always go right back to bed when I come home. I haven't really been doing that, but I will start a second job soon (and as tired as I am, I really need the money, what with my plumbing being bad and my muffler problem) and won't be able to do that. I'm nervous about it, but hopefully I'll be fine.

I've been reading James Kochalka's Sketchbook Diaries and crying. It seems like such a cool life--fairly frequent travel, good times, and the kind of existence I'd like to have. Of course, maybe things are worse for him now, as they seem to be for a lot of people. These diaries are from the turn of the century, and I should buy his more recent collections. But I'm trying to watch my money. I buy stuff I need, not necessarily what I WANT.


Greg said…
Yeah, I would definitely avoid blogging about work or at the very least, create a new blog and keep it private. You don't want Google archiving your comments.
Gloria said…
I was inspired by "Waiter Rant," which is a blog written by a former waiter. He got his book published, which made me think that perhaps my adventures at work might lead to a publishing gig. Believe me, my job isn't nearly as mundane as people think. It can be really funny and frustrating, some days.
Greg said…
I don't doubt that. Behind every person is another story.

A whole book? It's an intriguiung idea. I think it would make for a great read and moreover, would probably be an interesting concept for a TV series or a movie.

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