And Isn't it Ironic...?

Before I made my first delivery today, one of our customers who comes in every single morning said he refuses to shop at Meijer, because every time a new location opens up, demonstrators are out in front of the store saying Meijer isn't union, the pay is low and so forth. The customer said, "unions are communist." A co-worker said, "unions once had their place in this country, but not anymore."

This customer, probably a contractor, has a job that allows him to shop every single day. No doubt he bills the customer for this time. No doubt he probably has a set schedule to his days, either working eight hours a day, or perhaps 10, but I'm guessing there's a quitting hour for him, and he decides that.

My co-worker probably got a 15 minute break two hours after she clocked in; probably took her hour lunch about four hours after she clocked in. She might have eaten during that hour; she might have run a few errands, grabbing a bite to eat while driving, or perhaps she sat out in the parking lot and napped, or smoked a couple cigarettes. Two hours after lunch give or take a few minutes, she probably got her afternoon break. And two hours after that, give or take a few minutes, she probably clocked out.

Today, I worked 11 1/2 hours without a break or lunch hour. I ran into problems at almost every stop today, causing further delays. I came back and unloaded my truck by myself. I had a couple people push some heavy appliances onto the cart so I could get them put away. I also took the trash out of the truck without any help. On top of that, I have a cold. I did some paperwork, but realized it would take another half hour to fill out a piece of paper that I'm going to have to do, so I put it off. I'll do it tomorrow. I'll probably get yelled at for that, but after such a long day, no breaks at all, my math skills are less than zero. Due to some sort of policy, I almost had to wait after I clocked out to LEAVE MY WORKPLACE. Yes, that's right. After a certain time of day, if you are clocked out, you have to wait to leave. A co-worker let me out. I hope she doesn't get into trouble for it.

So it's ironic, that both co-worker who agreed with the customer that unions are bullshit, communist, socialist and for faggy wimps, probably got to go home at a decent hour and enjoy a nice supper and an evening where they could do whatever they wanted. After my 11 1/2 hour day, I went home, let my dog out, and ate a couple fistfuls of chocolate while on the toilet. I'm too tired to do laundry, so I'll just wear a pair of dirty jeans tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll find a clean shirt in the morning. I got undressed, put on my sleep shirt, and opened up my laptop to write this. I got home at 9:45 p.m. and have to be back at work at 6:45 a.m. That's nine hours from now. So much for getting eight hours of sleep.

So if you're reading this and bitching about how unions are ruining this country, if you got to clock out after eight hours today, and if you got to take a couple breaks and chat with your co-workers about the health care reform bill, fuck you. FUCK YOU. And do a little research for me, would you? Check out the history of the eight hour day. See how it came about. Here's a hint: The Republican Party wasn't the one who brought this about. No, it was a union. Read up, and enjoy your eight hour day with two 15 minute breaks, you commie socialist fag hypocrite.


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