Men Are Pussies

While watching a YouTube video, I made a comment. It basically said that men are delusional, and mistakenly think if a woman smiles at them, the woman immediately wants to have sex with them.

Whoo! Just that comment had four people (probably men) calling me an asshole, saying no one wants me either (like I care) and someone with poor grammar who couldn't even spell my name right saying I look like I smell like shit, or something.

Men. Such fragile creatures. I also said something on Facebook a few months ago, and one of my "friends" had a total freak out about it. Of course, this was someone I'd never met. A "friend" of a "friend." Oh yes. I made a comment about a co-worker who had broken up with her boyfriend, and I told her she "deserved better." The guy on Facebook went all PMS on me, asking why it's okay for women to say that to women, but if the guy says he "deserves better," he's seen as a jerk.

Such touchy men out there. But I guess it's justified. Men are losing their places in America. I mean, I listen to men at my weekend job who go on and on about their video games, and how "intense" a certain game is and how "awesome" it all is until I think I've stumbled into the super nerd table at Northrop High School during lunch. I guess, since men have given up, the only thing you have left is video games, and your video game playing buddies, and lots of Doritos and Mountain Dew. While your ass is getting fatter and you grow paler, women are out there going to school, getting more degrees than you have, making more money, and generally having lives and accomplishing things. Why should we hook up with guys who can't talk about anything but Worlds of Warcraft and Call of Duty all fucking day long? And why should I settle for someone who talks like a 14 year old boy?

And I'm smart enough to know that if a man is courteous to me, that does NOT mean he wants to have sex with me.


A bit harsh, but I agree women are not only catching up but many have moved way past men who think they are special. Some women simply don't need them anymore.

Loved the "stumbled into the super nerd table"!
Gloria said…
Hi Barbara.

Yes, I agree it's a bit harsh, but I've been in a bit of a bad mood recently, and I've run into shitty men for all my life, so if I'd lived the live of a princess, I might have a different perspective.

I liked the "super nerd table" line too!

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