On This Thanksgiving Eve

So my plans for the three days I have off at Thanksgiving were to clean a little and just sit around the house and have a nice dinner and watch movies. I should have gone to the library, because a trip to Delmar was disappointing, then a trip to Super Mega Replay was even more disappointing. There was really not much I wanted to rent or buy. I did find some stuff to buy, but I really, REALLY wanted "Inside Deep Throat" "Exit Through the Gift Shop" and "Secretariat." I could have rented "Exit" last night, I guess, but I didn't. Anyway, I liked Super Mega Replay (used to be Disc Replay) better when it was smaller. Now, it seems like it's chock full of crappy movies. Or maybe I'm just in a shitty mood, but it really did seem like if it's totally mainstream, they have TONS of it. Which is why I should have just gone to the downtown library and picked up some mind-bending shit.

But yeah, I'm just about broke this Thanksgiving Eve, feel like I have no family, but whatev. I have plenty of good food, if I can just keep from throwing it up. Discipline--I'm a food addict, love the Coca-Cola, love the Pepsi, but they love me no more, particularly late at night.

It's time to get serious--radical diet change. All health food. Maybe go vegetarian. Tired of being fat, so I need to do something about it. I want a great looking body.

But here's what I'm thankful for. A warm house, plenty of food, a comfy bed, a dog and a cat. I'm employed, for now. I can't possibly ask for more, at this time in the world. I would wish for the 1990s back, but those days are gone, and I need to make the future great.

And I need to get through "Factory Girl." The other movie I rented was "Basic Instinct," which I've seen before and I enjoyed. But FG is a little disjointed. And it's sort of hard to feel sorry for wealthy girls with fucked up families who end up getting hooked on drugs. Isn't everyone's family fucked up in some way? I guess in a way our families prepare us for the world. If we can't survive our families, we won't survive in the world.

Or will we?


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