A New Series...I Hope!

One of my co-workers at one of my jobs gave me an idea (unknowingly) for something to write about. I was telling her a story about an experience I had with someone who had fixed my computer. We got into a dispute on a local television station's website, and I told her what he had done to my computer. She asked me, "where do you meet these people?" I told her it's not like I hang out at dive bars, or prowl back alleys, or intentionally seek out these whack-jobs. Sometimes I meet them in the comfort of my own home, via the miracle called the Internet.

Anyway, I thought it might be kind of interesting to talk about some of my experiences with these people (without naming any names) so that folks might understand a little bit better why I keep to myself a lot and why I'm very reluctant to become a member of a dating site.

So I don't know how many of these stories I will have, but it's an interesting idea, and I think I might just do it.

And I apologize if you are a follower of this site (or even if you are not a follower) and are annoyed that I don't post more often. I tend to use this site to vent, or to write about stuff that wouldn't make it into my column for one reason or another. I will try to post on a more regular basis. I've kept a journal every day since August, 2003, so I DO write faithfully every day, just not on this blog. And believe me, my daily journal posts are pretty depressing, although I did have a great day yesterday. Nothing particularly wonderful happened, but I had a great day at work, I had a good walk with Daphne, it was nice and cool, the moon was out, I ran into a former co-worker, and I tried out my new firepit.. I flame-broiled some salmon and popped some corn (the latter burned, so I had to try again.) But it was just a good day and a great night. I smiled spontaneously, which is something I hardly ever do. I was happy, and relaxed, and peaceful.

But last night I dreamed I was diagnosed with diabetes. That wasn't too cool. But, whatever!


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