Technical Difficulties

I have about 36 videos up on YouTube, on my channel, GloriaD5767. But thanks to some computer snafus, I haven't been able to do a lot lately. Here's the story.

My now FORMER computer guy put a fake version of Windows on my computer. I backed up everything else, but he said I'd have to re-install any programs I had. Which I thought would be fine. But when I re-loaded Magix Movie Edit Pro 15, I discovered I needed a codec in order to use footage from my Samsung video camera. I could use video from my digital still camera, but I didn't like the quality I got from using it as a video camera. And it was impossible to find a codec that would work, even though I searched the web. And I found out Magix no longer supports Movie Edit Pro 15. So, when an incredible deal came up to get Magix Movie Edit 2013, I took it. I installed it, and it seemed like everything was okay. I made a video of my helicopter ride at this year's Three Rivers Festival and I really had fun with it. I bought a very inexpensive music editing program back in the spring, and whipped up some original dance music to go with it.

But problems are creeping up. First off, my Samsung digital video camera won't hold a charge, despite a new batter and a new AC adapter. I can have it plugged in for days, with the green light showing, yet when I unplug it and try to film stuff, the charge might last all of five minutes when I start taping, then it will poop out. This happened at Cedar Point, so instead of carrying the camera around with me the rest of the day, I walked out to the car and stashed it.

Then, I made a video for a new website, FW FTW. It's a WordPress site that should be up soon. I've written for more than 20 years, and while I still like to write, I want to experiment with videos and tell stories that way. I put together some footage, saved it, converted it to MPEG-4 format, and tried to upload it. YouTube says it's not a supported file type, even though on their list of supported file types, MPEG-4 shows up. Also, when I tried to upload it as a current movie, it would not give me that option.

I guess I will try other options, but one thing that hasn't changed is that converting files still takes a good half hour to forty five minutes, for an eight minute video. I had a 21 second clip that I filmed from the same camera. I transferred the clip right from the camera to the computer, and uploaded it to YouTube, and it only took a matter of seconds. I really don't want to have to buy a new video camera, as the one I have is only about four years old, and I really like it. But it's frustrating to have ideas and have to deal with confusing and frustrating delays.

And that's why I haven't been making as many videos lately.


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