I Can't Concentrate on my Creativity!

I've been pretty scattered lately in terms of creativity. I made a couple of necklaces, but was disappointed when the metallic paint  I'd painted my paper beads with came off on my skin. I've got at least three writing projects in progress. A few months ago, I bought a super-cheap music software program and have been experimenting with that. I found some essential oil at Hobby Lobby and want to make my own body spray. I love Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint, but the powers that be have decided they are only going to ship a certain amount to stores, and when it runs out, it runs out. So that means I'll have to call or visit the store to see when it's going to arrive and hope I have cash to buy it. Finding peppermint and spearmint (!) oil at HL means I have the power to make peppermint/spearmint spray any damn time of the year. Screw you, BBW! I've got the power (snaps fingers and dances.)

And lately, I've been trying to make cell phone covers for my Samsung Galaxy S III. I busted out my mom's old sewing machine and I've been experimenting with that. At least the stitches look better than when I do them by hand.

The best cover I made so far was a little double drawstring pouch. I have some pink fleece, and I really enjoy working with that. The pouch came out better than anything I did before. I first made an orange felt sleeve, but then tried to make another sleeve from fleece, and that was way too tight. I'm trying to go for something whimsical, but I must admit, having the sewing machine out is giving me a sense of empowerment. If I buy some pants with a sagging hem, I can fix that on the machine. If I REALLY learn how to sew, I can make some really cool stuff. Now, to come up with a cell phone case where the phone is functional while IN the case--because that's the point of the case, right? I'll keep experimenting, because with the way I operate, I'm sure I'll get bored with this and move on to something else.

That's what's so frustrating! I can't seem to concentrate on JUST ONE THING. Do I have ADHD? Am I too impatient? What the fuck is wrong with me!??? I think I have the potential to be good at something, like REALLY good, but I flit away like some butterfly from one thing to another. I guess it's good that I have a lot of interests, but I can't help thinking if I could concentrate on one thing and promote it, it could make money for me someday.


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