Lovelace The Movie

I stopped by Delmar Video to rent Her, which sounded interesting. I thought the cover looked rather funny, sort of like a 1970's porn movie, with Joaquin Phoenix staring out with his green eyes and pornstache. I haven't watched it yet, because I picked up Lovelace, and wanted to watch that first.

I've read Ordeal, Linda Lovelace's autobiography about what it was REALLY like being America's biggest porn star. She met up with a jerk named Chuck Traynor, except he didn't seem like a jerk at first. I've also read the sequel to Ordeal as well. Those familiar with Lovelace's REAL story will probably be disappointed with the film. Some parts of it ring true, but of course, the abuse isn't shown. Neither, of course, is the Deep Throating. The film depicts Linda, portrayed by Amanda Seyfried, as the naive, seemingly up for anything girl who falls into Traynor's clutches. At first, everything looks good--the young couple in love, taking pictures, taking home movies. It's one of these home movies that gets the attention of some producers, and the filming of Deep Throat commences. Peter Sarsgaard plays Chuck Traynor, who isn't really as mean in this film as he was in real life.

If you're curious about the REAL story, you need to check out Inside Deep Throat. Lovelace tries, but the real horror wasn't addressed at all, so when the footage of Lovelace on Phil Donohue's show is shown in the movie, you're wondering why she's there. It was mildly interesting, but the fictional depiction of Lovelace's life pales in comparison to Inside Deep Throat.


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