Taste of Fort Wayne Fashion Parade 2014 Take Two!

I didn't have time to post all of the pictures I took, so here's round two.

Thanks for holding my beer, dad.

This is Painting With a Twist. Don't worry, I didn't hear him say anything about making trees "happy."

Obviously a commentary about what's happening in Ferguson, MO.

A M.A.S.H. reference.

Kevin Harris of Balloons to the Moon. I think he was at Three Rivers Festival as well.

Ice Mountain water from the guy who runs the Stellhorn and Coliseum Subways, and I think Georgetown as well.

Smooth Edge 2 was at Taste of Fort Wayne. They were just one of several performers there.

Bill Blass was from Fort Wayne!

This cookie, with chocolate chips and pecans and I don't know what else was really good. I think it had toffee in it, as well. Get it at Vanilla Bean here in Fort Wayne.

This is smoked gouda cheese dip with a few crackers and some pita bread. You can get this as an appetizer (in a much larger quantity I'm assuming) at Club Soda. I've eaten here before and the food is amazing.


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