First Night of Three Rivers Festival

Three Rivers Festival is upon us again. I ended up going to the Loverboy concert, and I wondered why, because it wasn't like I was a huge Loverboy fan back in the day. I guess I thought it might be a good way to reconnect with my high school classmates. What I realized is that I'm not good when it comes to groups of people I barely know. It was nice that a good friend of mine was there, but she had to work early and ended up leaving before Loverboy played their two best known hits. I felt kind of bad about that. I wish I'd known Steve Miller was going to be in town, or else I never would have gone to Loverboy. Steve Miller was part of my childhood soundtrack, but oh well. On with the show!

My appetite has been way off recently, and I'm starting to feel guilty about eating meat. I'm also getting paranoid about eating meat, because it seems like every few weeks, there's some sort of recall. I've gone a week without meat, and haven't keeled over. That being said, do you think out of all these food vendors, I could find a Goddamn slice of cheese pizza? That's the only thing that sounded good--a slice of fucking pizza. I settled for a pretzel with nacho cheese. Sigh.

Could have been worse. Could have been $100 each for a mediocre concert experience. In case you didn't know, general admission SUCKS.

If you ever wanted to pretend you're a hamster in one of those plastic balls, here's your chance!

He was wearing jeans, not tights. Half-assed Superman, you're not impressing me.

This summer's fashion trend? Acid wash. It's 1987 again!

Hanning and Bean ...

you still need to ...

fix your plaza.

Working for the weekend, or in my case, seeming to always have to work ON the weekend. This is as close as I got to the stage all night, although a former classmate DID get to meet Mike Reno, who was NOT wearing red leather pants. 

Spiders gonna spide.


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