Wednesday at Cedar Point 7.8.15

I picked up a bottle before heading off. Why is it that I can't ever find my name on a Coke bottle? Yadira??? #guessimjustnotethnicenoughanymore

Front row Millennium Force. I wish I could bottle the feeling I get after I ride this coaster. It's one of the best feelings in the world. When my time came to board, some guy sitting in back of me asked me if I was by myself. I said I was, but the front seat was MINE. No way was his kid gonna deprive me of my front row bliss. Riding front row is the closest you can feel like you're a bird, and that you can FLY. There aren't any shoulder harnesses--just a seat belt and lap bar. And you feel like you're going to fall out once you go down that first hill. Scary and blissful at the same time.

The final hill of Millennium Force. Not quite inverted, and it feels like I'm flying like a bird on curves like these.

I parked right beside this pole because the sign is almost my bra size. Almost. 

The CP employee guessed I was 35. I guess I got a new teddy bear! Also, suckered another employee--he was four years off and I got the maroon elephant. The bear got to ride Mean Streak with me.

End of the day. I love the Giant Wheel.

My prizes in front of the Giant Wheel.

Too little to ride!

Millennium Force was having a tough day, so while I waited to ride it, I messed around with Paper Artist. I set it on "colarello" and on my way out of the park, I got a few pictures. This is Gemini, I think. I like the effect. It reminds me of some of the pictures we did in art class in elementary school. We'd color them and then use watercolors over them, or some such.

The Monster.

Power Tower

Time to go home. Cedar Point is one of my favorite places ever. 


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