This Made Me Laugh


Gloria said…
No, I was never the class clown in high school. I barely spoke up in class because I was fucking terrified. TERRIFIED. You weren't there, and you don't listen or read my explanations. I minded my own Goddamn business and still had boys hitting me over the head with English textbooks, and shooting pencils at me. I was "just myself" and still got picked on. Imagine minding your own business and getting physically and verbally assaulted. You can't, can't you? Perhaps someday you'll be minding your own business and get robbed at gunpoint, or carjacked. Then, maybe you'll get it, but I doubt it.
Anonymous said…
"I barely spoke up in class..."

Sorry, but you did. You had an opinion about everything. You thought you were being quiet but you weren't.

And being mildly hit with a softcover book is NOT assault. Comparing your experience to robbery or carjacking is simply ridiculous.

Grow up. And if you hated high school, don't go to the reunions.

Gloria said…
So Chauncey, you went to school with me? Being hit period IS assault. I was hit OVER THE HEAD WITH A BOOK. You obviously are an asshole with no compassion at all whatsoever. I was terrified of school because of the hostile atmosphere. I hope you end up in a situation similar to what I went through. I wasn't "mildly" hit, either. I suppose you were there and saw the whole thing. Easy for you to dictate my experience to me, and easy to know exactly how it affected me as well. Thanks for proving everything I perceive about men to be true.

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