Tonight's Playlist

"Sexyback" --Justin Timberlake. Probably the only song he's done that I like. Total guilty pleasure.

"Hermetico" --Balkan Beat Box. I belly dance to this one. Thanks, Jason Derulo, for your crappy song that turned me on to this great song. If you're going to steal sample, sample from the best.

 "Move It" --Balkan Beat Box. Another one to move your body to.

"Tom's Diner" Suzanne Vega (DNA Remix) This is the only version I care about. I move to this one too.

"I'll Do You Like a Truck" --Geo da Silva

"Everybody Dance Now" --C+C Music Factory

"YMCA"-- Village People

"Boy Hangover" --Lester Lewis featuring Bonnie McKee

"Pimpin" -- Tian and Styliztic

"Cat People (Putting out the Fire)"--David Bowie

"Various Disgraces"--The Blam

Yeah, I'm watching "Cafe Disco" from season five of The Office.


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