Friday Night Creepy? Creepy How???

Meme by Tim S.

More online dating madness and snarky responses!!! Be careful out there kids!

Im a good man i work every day i make good money but ..i want someone that will love me for me not my momey.. Im very loyel .. Sorry i cant spell to good .. My grandma raised me to be a gentalmen .. I dont play games if yoir a player or a con- artes .dont bother me ok .. Im a one women man .. If im with someone there is no other .. If your a good loyel women lets talk and get to know each other better cant wait to find the speshal lady. ... please no skanks
I’m surprised he spelled “skanks” right. If you spell this badly, can you actually hold down a job? How did he get one in the first place???

She needs to like experiment.
You are NOT experimenting on me!

I have a little girl she is 6 months old and she's the love of my life and who ever I meet will have to except her as well
It’s “accept”, not “except.” Sometimes, being an English major is torture. 

Oh, and I look much younger than my age! Go figure? I was carded up to my late 20's!
For 70, I’d say he looks great. Problem is, he looks every bit of 50.

not yet interested in putting anything in until I see some people on the site. after looking a day or two I would add information.
Translation: I’m going to steal my profile from some other guy.

Summer days you can find me at the lake tubing with my boys or riding in the woods, Or cursing the back roads on my street bike.

Goddamn, motherfucking, cock-sucking back roads. Oh—you meant cruising? Sorry.

I listed my body type as "stocky" but I'm very athletic swimming most days,play tennis twice a week and walk nightly and the mornings. As an example I'm a 42/44 jean. That would around 16-20 in woman sizing which is the normal size in the US for woman now a days.
Gee, thanks for that fascinating description of your athletic activity, your size, and what the average U.S. woman is size-wise. Sorry, but your profile doesn’t “fit” my needs! Bwahahahahaha!

my mate is happy about her shelf
I like my shelves too! In fact, you could say I have good “shelf-esteem.” Bwahahahahaha!

please have a brain or at least common sense, and a cute smile
Ladies, even if you don’t, I bet this guy would settle for a big rack and excellent blow job skills.

Adult fun with a woman who knows what her needs are..and is not afraid to tell her lover how to meet them! If you can host, are clean ddf, message me to find out if our needs are similar in nature. I need to be discreet.
Oh, hey! LOVE your profile picture. Oh wait—you don’t have one. Well, he did say he needs to be discreet. His relationship status says, “I’ll tell you later.” Hey buddy, this ain’t Ashley

I don't plan on shavin anytime soon!
Me too, guy. Me too. We have three weeks of winter left, but I bet I can get away with not shaving my legs for another six weeks yet.

Too many scams on this site. Too many women who are just in the country for 2 days and are in a hurry to get a husband, and too many women who don't have a subscription and who put their scam email or text number in their description.
And the award for the Most Positive Motherfucking Profile Ever goes to …

My match is someone who is not apposed to going out or sitting at home relaxing.

You’re not “apposed” to spell stuff that way.


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