Creepy? Creepy How? Strikes Again!!!

Meme by Tim S.

Here are this week's winners!

I have lived in NC my entire life. Yes, I have a southern accent.
This is the LEAST impressive thing you’ve got going, buddy. Try working on an Italian accent. Domestic accents just don’t cut it.


Wow, he’s a top-notch typist—said nobody ever.

So tired of the woman waiting for a guy to make a pass when it's just as easy for a woman to say hey I would like to get to know you.
Well, if men didn’t hate me so much, and if I weighed 100 pounds and was gorgeous and had 40DD hooters, I’d make the first move. But I don’t, so I won’t. 

Looking for someone who's not afraid to express themselves.Not into complainers!
So you basically want someone to express themselves, but only if you get to direct things? Sorry, I’m not into dictators. Or “dick taters”. Bwhahahahahahahahaha!

Birds learn to fly, never knowing where flight will take them.
Sometimes, it’s straight into a jet engine.        

I believe you can laugh at things or cry, I would rather laugh
So if someone anally rapes you, you’d laugh? 

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