Reruns! Reruns Everywhere!!!

I've told some of the young'uns at work about my blog, specifically the dating profiles, and they think it's hilarious. So to make it easy for their friends (and moms and dads) I'm reposting these.

It's a jungle out there, folks!

Creepy? Creepy How? 3-25-16

Meme by Tim S.

Enjoy each day with the beauty of my life and treat her as if she was the only one ever.........a natural beauty all that makeup is for the birds........
I’ve had cosmetic surgery, so I wonder how he feels about that. Plus, makeup is fucking awesome. NYX is my favorite brand now. Oh, go fuck yourself dude.

I hate winter and the cold.
And I’m okay with it, so, NEXT!

im 5o feeling good,loking for trusting partner to share life with,never tryed this befor ,been maired over 18 years and deivorsed 3years,trust is a bigg part of a good thing..............................
Y U no can spell?

It's hard to be shy in a city full of beautiful women.
Dude’s from Fort Wayne. I wouldn’t describe this town as full of beautiful women, but I will say the women DO look better than the men. And aren’t some men intimidated by beautiful women??? Yet this dude is single. Huh.

I love fires and the lake!
The lake, the lake, the lake is on fire….whoops, wrong song.

My confidence can be low at times, but I try to be as confidence as I can when it comes down to the important things.
I’m confidence that you don’t know how to write with confident.

Please do not message me if you believe homosexuality is a sin, hate Patrick Swayze, find no joy in life, or enjoy doing Meth. Thank you!
Sheesh! Picky much?

I would like to write something later. not feeling well
Not sure being on a dating site will make you feel better.

Honest dependable with a touch of ornyness to keep it fun.
Most men have a touch of “orny.” I think what you mean is “ornery.” But you can’t spell, so take your “ornyness” and “orneriness” somewhere else.

She needs to be emotionally stable
Emotionally stable women are boring. Men say they want this, then complain when the relationship gets boring. Now, if you’ll excuse me, the waffles are talking to me and the walls are bleeding.

I am in the process of moving, and currently am "between jobs", so a first date would not be a surf-n-turf dinner.
Darn. I suppose Taco Bell or Rally’s is more in his budget, but both of them will make me shit.

I think it's a shame that I have to put this on here. I know that men ask for sex all the time. Not all men want sex right away. Please don't think me asking you to go somewhere or come over for a cookout means I want sex. There are still men out there that have morals and respect for women.
Yes, he mentioned sex three times while claiming that he doesn’t want sex right away. You want sex. It’s pretty obvious.

values the things in life money can't buy.
I value the things in life that money CAN buy. So, next!

I do not watch the news on television, I do not listen to public radio stations and I do not read the newspaper.
Hey, there’s a current events trivia night at—oh fuck it.

blue eyes red hair I want beautifu loving intelligent smar the monster before the final pedestal and treat you like a queen t l and be spoile I love for who she is not what she is she's really happy d
‘Fridge poetry can be fun … sometimes. Smar that monster! Smar it!

The comfort of knowing that, no matter what, there is a constant, permanent person in your life.
Until you get divorced, like this guy is.

Camping is one of our favorite things to do(in a camper of course!).

oh ya guns I like guns and shooting guns very relaxing
This is scary. Although if I shot some assholes, I’m sure I’d be relaxed too.

I have been married twice and now it is time to try something new and different.
Like maybe making better choices when it comes to partners?

I am boring and adventurous!
I am both fat and skinny!

I am a duck dynasty kind of guy, I have the same kind of sense of humor and grew up in the same background.
Being a redneck really isn’t something to be proud of, but you do you.

must be employed or in between jobs
So, must be employed or unemployed. I don’t think this guy knows what he’s talking about.

Please no more hookup offers.


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