Are You Going to Allen County Fair?

Parsley, sage, rosemary, and, oh forget it. More like elephant ears, pork tenderloins and fries. This IS 2016 in the United States after all. No true loves of mine exist here, so let's get the show started, shall we?

Yours truly won two blues and two reds. I entered the last photo in the photography contest. Voting starts August 1 at noon, and yes, I will be posting the link so that you can vote. I can use the grand prize money of $15,000, so please vote often!

Yet the poster says nothing about sticking my finger up my ass. I know from, um, other people I mean, that I shouldn't do that.

Pretty nifty. At $95,900, it's way out of my range, but it's been one of my goals to get something similar and drive around the country and take pictures. The guy I spoke with says driving around the country is a pretty common desire. Maybe someday, with a used one.

I love the fair, because there's so much stuff to learn and discover, including free spiritual guidance!

HAHA! They said ass!

The 4-H horsey set always goes all out in decorating the horse stalls.

Most of the horses didn't seem to want to be photographed.

This guy is the son of a champion show jumper. He also likes doing dressage, too.

This is his dad.

See what I mean by decorating? You can't see it, but to the right is a TON of stuff this 4-H'er put up.

Obviously a miniature horse that just wants to be left alone.

See what I mean by decorating???

A pretty chestnut getting its feed on.

Painted with bubble wrap. Pretty clever!

Madonna is a very small horse. I checked. She wasn't vogueing. 

Me, content after some onion rings. I love my Superman curl!

Lactose-free chocolate cherry ice cream. YUM!

See, now I have a handy guide to parasites in goats!

Framed with plastic spoons! Pretty cool!

A miniature Lego model of this year's fair.

Velma and Shaggy are at bottom left.

Yes, this is a radio. Not a Mexican radio, but a radio just the same. Looks like it was made with tiny skateboards.

A NYC skyline, in Legos.

The most notorious interstellar crime boss will be Donald Trump.

Trophies! Hundreds of trophies!

I should have cleaned the lens before taking this.

There, that's better!

I love my Samsung Galaxy III. I know it's outdated, but I will never give this phone away. I love the filters on it, and it's taken some kick-ass pictures. 

I think I set this on the blue point filter.

Sunset, first night of the fair.

The blue point filter setting.

Red yellow point filter setting.

Don't know what this was on.

Red yellow point again.

Blue point, set for night.

Set for night.

Not sure what this one was.

Blue point, obviously.

Not sure about this one, either.

Blue point.

Green point.

No filter. Just a shot. Or maybe it was red yellow.

Red yellow?

Solarize! I used to do this to my black and white prints in high school!

Solarize from a weird angle.

Doesn't this look like a giant transformer with really long arms???

Set on negative. That's why the sky looks white. The dinosaur is actually green.

Green point.

Red yellow point.

I love that the o in the Fairgrounds is in the shape of a ribbon. Also, the d is sporting a pennant.


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