Cedar Point, Again

I've been to Cedar Point twice in a couple weeks. I'm trying to do things that make me happy. This summer, that includes working in my yard, having two gardens, and swimming.

I've taken some pictures I really like, and I just entered a contest a few minutes ago with a photo I took at Cedar Point. Voting takes place starting in August, and I've bookmarked the page with my photo. I'm also going to enter the photo in the Artlink Member's Show.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from my last trip.

For some reason, I've become fascinated with eclipse-looking pictures. The one I submitted to the contest looks almost exactly like this, but it looks like it was taken at night. The picture I submitted to the contest was taken with my Galaxy III, as was this one. This is Valravn, the new roller coaster at Cedar Point. If you miss Demon Drop. check this out. It's a very smooth ride.

Windseeker with the sun behind it. What a perfect day weather-wise this was!

After the park closed. It was kind of creepy walking around Frontiertown after the park closed. It made me think what if someone decided to spend the night in the park? This is Millennium Force, all lit up.

Millennium Force start hill.

MF again, looking east.

The second hill of MF.


Just after sunset.

Gatekeeper, just before sunset.

Twilight on Lake Erie. The tall object on the left is Top Thrill Dragster.

Windseeker. Taken at 1/5 at F16.

Windseeker at 1 second at F20. 
These last ten pictures were taken with my Canon Rebel T5. I love it!

I was planning to ride on the Giant Wheel, and to take out my camera and get some pictures. But when it came my turn to board, the ride operator told me I couldn't ride by myself. (But it was okay to ride solo on the Sky Ride, go figure.) 

Some kind man said I could ride with him and his son. We got on, and the man was softly telling his little boy that Cedar Point was built on a peninsula, and pointing out various things. The little boy was wide-eyed, looking everywhere. 

It was a nice moment, watching the two together. It was better than the squat, sunburnt mothers telling their kids to get back here RIGHT now! Or seeing weary dads with cups of beer, yelling something similar. I'm not sure what it was, but I started to cry. I guess it made me want to be the little boy's age again, probably five or six. I could imagine my mom pointing the seagulls out to me, and dad listing the exact time the sun set, mentioning that in just a few days, we would be losing time in the evening, which wouldn't stop until December 21.

I wasn't too discreet about wiping my tears away, and it was pretty obvious I was crying. But seeing them together was something beautiful. 


Anonymous said…
Wistful and beautiful, thanks for sharing.
Gloria said…
You're welcome! :)

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