Help Me Win Big Money!!!

So remember those Cedar Point photos? Remember how I said I took one and I was really excited about it? I entered it in the "It's Amazing Out There" photo contest. If you go to the link below, you'll see my entry. The grand prize is $15,000.

The photo was taken with my Samsung Galaxy III. It looks like it was taken at night with the moon in back of Valravn, but it wasn't. For some strange reason, in the thumbnail you can see the sun, but when I tap on it, in the picture, the sun is behind the coaster train. I really like the way this turned out. No filters, no special effects. I think I had the cameraphone on multi-shot, because I can't imagine I would have taken one shot and nailed it. It's really kind of freaky, because the other shots show a perfectly clear sky with bright sunshine, and this looks like it was taken at night. That's why I named it "Fauxlar Eclipse."

Anyway, voting doesn't start until August 1, but I thought I'd start campaigning early. Vote early and often!



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