NaNoWriMo and IPFW's Fall Student Reading

I participated in my second IPFW student reading yesterday, and it went well. There were some really talented people there. I read an excerpt from chapter two of Spanked! where Connie and Trevor have sex, and the bed collapses on Libertarian, the cat. Don't worry, Libby escapes with just a broken leg. My word count is 28,173.

Seems though, I can't escape from my past. One of my weirdo former friends showed up at the event, presumably to read something, but chickened out at the last minute. In case you've been keeping score, this is the guy who came from California to Puerto Rico to visit me when I was on vacation, and the same one who hung out with me in Chicago, and shared a hotel room with me, WHILE HE WAS ENGAGED.

He also came to the Graduate Colloquium I was in last spring. He looked in my direction constantly and was smiling, but didn't come to say hello after the event.

It's okay, really. I expect him to come to my book signing next semester, but not say anything. I've been stalked before. It's 2016. What woman hasn't?


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