The Borgen Project and an Item on My Compassion List

So I've been interning for The Borgen Project. For different dollar amounts, I'll make or do certain things. I'll bake cookies, or make a video with original music, write a short story, or things like that.
If you want to check out the page, go here:

I am interested in photography, and the top donation amount of $100 entitles the donor to a photo session. I'm posting some portraits I've taken of people. If you know of anyone looking for an inexpensive portrait session, tell them to check out my page and donate! The usual price is $212, so you're saving a bunch.

My friend Heidi. I liked the way her hair looked in this shot.

A former student. I'm testing out a new camera.

Shot at Lakeside Rose Gardens.

Bridal portrait at the Botanical Conservatory. Both it and Lakeside Rose Gardens are great places to take pictures.

I really like this shot. It's in the desert room.

Co-worker and all around cool guy who agreed to have his portrait done.

Former co-worker. She'd just had her hair done. I loved the color and had to talk her into this pose, because she didn't want to do it. One of her guy friends saw this photo and REALLY liked it.

This is my co-worker a few years later with her future husband. I shot their wedding, at the bride's insistence.

Close-up of the bride.


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