Going Five Below at The Container Store During My Juice Fast

Holy shit, what an awesome day. A Facebook friend asked me for coffee. I am on the sixth day of a seven day juice fast (I've lost a little over 10 pounds) so I had hot chocolate. The friend wanted to go to Indy, and I said we should sometime, and she said, "today?" And I said, "why not?" I didn't have to work, I had some money, and we were off.

Discovered a great store in Castleton called Five Below. It's like a dollar store, except some of the stuff is nicer and well worth it, for $5. I spent $62 there. I even found some retro toys I've had back in the day, got pet beds, a couple of cool tin boxes, headphones, and a few cellphone cases.

Eighty-second street was bumper-to-bumper, but we persevered and found The Container Store. I'd never been to this place either, and I just about fainted. Lots of boxes and cool gadgets and shelf organizers and shelves and geez Louise. LOVE it. Also loved Five Below, and both stores need to open up in Fort Wayne, along with a Dave and Busters.

And what about my juice fast? I've lost a little over 10 pounds in six days. I didn't cave in at the dinner I went to Friday night at Flanagan's (although the garlic bread smelled fantastic) and I didn't cave while in Indy. This is part of my journal entry from Monday, and this is the scale from when I got home from my road trip. I couldn't believe it. I weighed myself five times, because I couldn't believe the scale. Yeah, baby!


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