Happy New Year's With One Hour Photo and My Date With Drew

This is probably my least favorite holiday of the year. I don't know why, but it is. I'm spending it by myself. Did a little cleaning, but not much. Working on my juice video right now, and watching One Hour Photo. It's a much better movie than the one I watched before, called My Date With Drew. The premise seemed interesting: an ordinary guy who has had a crush on Drew Barrymore since he was six or so decided to try and get a date with her and to film the experience. He gets a camera from Circuit City (and has to return it in 30 days) and sets out to make a film.

I guess I wasn't sure what to expect. He lives in Los Angeles, so he's actually close by to her. He takes the six degrees approach, and starts searching by who knows Drew's people: publicist, facialist, etc. He only has $1,100 to spend on the film, so he tries to get free stuff when he can. Some guy put together a website for him. He gets an interview on some radio station, and five minutes later, the server for the web page goes down.

He also gets into the Charlie's Angel's premiere party (with counterfeit passes) and is literally feet away from Barrymore, but just can't ask her for the date. He walks out, recreating the scene for his buddies, who of course couldn't go into the party filming it.

Not all is lost though. The website goes back up, and people are taking a look at it and word eventually gets back to Barrymore. A date is finally arranged in New York, at some place called the Miracle Cafe. He gets her a Snoopy Sno cone machine, and she buys him a video camera.

Maybe I'm hard-hearted, but I just couldn't find anything compelling about this film. It was okay. But will I watch it again? Probably not.


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