Juice Fast (Thank You, Joe Cross)

After seeing Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead about a dozen times, I decided to get a juicer and start juicing. I had my heart set on a Breville juicer, but the one I wanted cost $300. I gave it some thought, and realized if Joe Cross could talk to me, I think he'd say, "doesn't matter what kind of juicer you get, mate, just start juicing!" I started out juicing every other day, then decided to juice every day. Now, I'm on day two of a seven-day juice fast.

For the most part, the juices I've been making taste really good. Even the "mean green," which is what Cross drank a lot of in the movie, isn't too bad. I've mainly been using Granny Smith apples and Clementines as a base, then throwing in whatever else I had. Cranberries, celery, cherries, carrots, even cucumber. I can't even taste the cucumber when I put it in the juice.

The juice I made this evening though, was a bit of a disappointment. It consisted of carrots, red kale, celery, cranberries, and cherries. I thought pure peppermint extract might help, but it didn't. I think I used too much. Then, I put three Clementines in. That helped a little, but I put in some Stevia to sweeten it up. It's still not very good. I'm determined to gulp it down though.

The fast isn't bad, so far. I figure if few foods sound good, I might as well go on a juice fast anyway, right? Because I veer back and forth between veggies and junk food. I don't know why that is, but that's what's been going on. I barely eat, then when I do eat, sometimes it's not very healthy.

Now, to ramp up the exercising. I can't seem to get eating right and exercising coordinated. Hopefully, my schedule for the next few months will allow for more exercising.


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