Finishing a Column

I write a column for the Fort Wayne Reader ( and just finished one up about my steps toward enrolling in grad school. I suck at math, and my GRE prepping for math was pretty laughable. However, I was told that in the English department, they don't really look at the math scores. Thank God.

I'm scared to go to grad school. However, if they do away with the only class I can teach at the college level, I'm going to have to sub at the high school level, and I do NOT want to do that.

Since I graduated from a very expensive college, going to get my master's degree at a public school is going to cost half as much as my bachelor's degree. It's still going to be a chunk of money, but people pay more for new cars. So that sort of puts it into perspective. It should help me in terms of working options and mean more money, even as an adjunct.

So that's what I wrote about in my column, which should be coming out in a few days.


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