You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Story is About You ...

I write erotic fiction. Where do I get the inspiration? Depends. Sometimes it's a fantasy, sometimes it's a man that turns me on. This last time, I wrote a story and posted it on It's called "Do You Know?" My pen name is Janell Elizabeth Meyer. If you're into tickle fiction, check it out.

Anyway, I told a student (who is now a former student) that I write erotic fiction. He's been emailing me through this particular website. He read the story and loved it. He kept emailing me, and I responded. He really, REALLY loved the short story. I sort of told him the inspiration for it. He said he had to talk to me.

So like the naive fool that I am, I gave him my number, and we chatted. After a few minutes of pleasantries, he asked in sort of a roundabout way if he was the inspiration for the story. I said no.

It's sort of funny. In the story, I said that the woman protagonist talked to this guy after class. And so, since I've talked to this guy after class, naturally, he thought I was writing about him. He forgot that I had two other classes last semester, and talked to several men throughout the day. Yet he thought he was "the one."

And as if this wasn't uncomfortable enough, minutes before we hung up, he said, "tonight, lie down on your bed, close your eyes, and think of me." I did lie down and close my eyes before I went to sleep, but I wasn't thinking of him, that was for sure.

I hope this doesn't escalate into something REALLY weird and uncomfortable...


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