Happy Birthday, Mom

My mom would have been 83 yesterday. I miss her so much. My life has collapsed into a downward spiral since she died almost ten years ago. She was very protective of me, and I guess I never realized I'd have to get along without her. I had to learn things as an almost middle-aged adult that I should have learned a long time ago. And I feel like I've let her down. The house is a mess, and so are my finances and my life. I think slowly I'm emerging from the darkness. But sometimes I really do feel like a total loser. 

Happy birthday Mom. I miss you so much.

The first picture I can remember taking with my mom. It was some photo booth somewhere.

Mom in the car. I think this was April 1955.

Mom on the beach, probably in Puerto Rico. This was six months before my brother was born.

A very old picture. My mother is on the left, and I think this is her mother in the middle. The girl on the right is named Carol.

I think this was part of a photo session from the earlier car photo. I think. Actually, I think that previous car photo was April 1954. Anyway, this picture was taken less than a year after she married Dad.

Mom at my brother's wedding reception, August 24, 1984.

Mom and Daphne at Foster Park. I think this was probably taken in Spring of 2000, 2001, or 2002.

Mom with Daphne again. I think this was probably taken in 2001 in our backyard.

Mom loved to cook and she was good at it. This is a perfect pancake she made.


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