Guys are Strange

I've just accepted the fact that if I am nice and courteous to a guy, he's going to want to fuck me,. It never seems to fail: you're nice to a guy, and automatically they are all like, "oh, she thinks I'm so fucking hot. She wants me. She wants me bad." VOMIT.

Why do I think this? I posted a short erotic fiction story online, and one of my FORMER students thought it was about him. Like an idiot, we exchanged emails, and he got so hot and bothered, he said he needed to talk to me. Because I'm really naive and dumb, I thought he meant talk to me to vent about something I'm dealing with.

He asked where the inspiration for the story came from, blah, blah, blah, and then he kinda asked in a roundabout way if he was the guy in the story. No. Not.At.All.

So that made for an interesting pre-Valentine's day phone call. Poor guy. Hope he isn't too crushed.


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