Raunchy Don't Cut it With Me

Someone posted to their Facebook page a link to a Cosmopolitan magazine article about pick-up lines for women. They were for women to pick up men. They were funny, but very tacky. Or crass. Here they are:


Nearly all of them have to with the sex act. And I realize how out of touch I am with the world. I don't belong. I don't belong. I'm not out for a quick fuck, which is part of the reason why I haven't dated in years. Because that's all it is. Instant fuck. Love 'em and leave 'em.

I have to get to know a guy first. Or at least feel comfortable with them. And sometimes that takes a long time. But men don't have that kind of time. I guess I've always known that, and that's why I've never had a great dating career and probably why I will never be married.

That's okay. I know what I want in a guy, and it's going to be very, VERY hard to find.

There's an acquaintance I have on Facebook, and it seems like every time he posts something, it's pictures of half-naked women and references to pot and how evil the government is. It's his page; he can post what he wants, but his explicit references to sex (he once suggested I make a porno with him) are a huge turnoff. I will NEVER go out with him. I will NEVER go out with a guy like that. If a guy wants to get with me, he'd better be a gentleman, and he'd better be smart enough not to bring up the size of his penis, or show me pictures of it. But I suppose that's expecting too much, these days.Do


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